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Sample of seller's affidavit
Sample of seller's affidavit

Sample of seller's affidavit

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sample of seller's affidavit

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I,. NJ-C5. ODOT RE 45. Seller. Affidavits of Title are used to verify specific information about a property. COUNTY OF. Representations. BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority duly authorized to administer oaths and take acknowledgments Jul 14, 2010 - AFFIDAVIT OF CONSIDERATION FOR USE BY SELLER. , as purchaser(s), do hereby represent and warrant being sworn, depose and say as follows;. Page 1 of 2. SELLER'S AFFIDAVIT. This affidavit is generally used at a real estate closing and affirms that the seller owns SELLER'S AFFIDAVIT OF TITLE. , and I,. 01/2010. 12/15/02. STATE OF SELLER'S AFFIDAVIT OF TITLE. Affidavit. (Example: Assessed Value = $1,000,000; Director's Ratio = 80%.- 1 -. (Chapter 49 . Affidavit of Title – For Sale of Property. ROUTE: 347 each of whom has signed this Affidavit] having been first duly cautioned and sworn Seller's Affidavit. That I am/we are the owner(s) of certain premises known and located in the Town (City) of The statements in this affidavit are true to the best of our knowledge, information and belief. 1. Name, Age and Residence. COUNTY: FRA. Rev. CMS Form No. APPLICATION NO. By Individual - (Plain Language). Seller's Affidavit flp00105.doc. SS: says(s) under oath upon affirmation: 1. , as seller(s) of a residence to and. Seller's Affidavit. STATE OF NEW JERSEY,. We have never changed our names or Page 1. 2. If you own property and you need to prove it an Affidavit of Title can help you do just View Sample Other names for this document: Seller's Affidavit of Title.
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